We're a family of artists in search of more poetic ways to dwell on the earth, looking for the answers that are blowin' in the wind. Our projects include videos, blogs, books, visual art, and music.


our projects in poetic dwelling


A blog for thinking mothers about things what matter. Kristin Prugh writes about a life lived in search of poetic dwelling from a mother's point of view, questioning the categories mothers are typically expected to operate within and envisioning dynamic possibilities for motherhood and family life. Read the blog.

A fifteen-year-old starts building his own life. Christopher Prugh writes about his plans to build a remote off-grid cabin to be his "base camp," convert a Jeep to travel by land, and sail the family boat 10,000 nm from Florida to Alaska. Coming Soon.


Experiments in poetic dwelling. The YouTube series Sailing Blowin' in the Wind follows the life of our family of six living aboard our 28-foot sailboat as we seek more poetic ways to move through the world. Watch on YouTube.

More experiments in poetic dwelling. The Prugh Crew channel continues to document our adventures in poetic dwelling in the far north as we explore the mountains and wilderness after our move to Alaska. Watch on YouTube.

Julian Prugh MusicJulian Prugh Music

Songs born out of poetic dwelling. Julian Prugh has been writing songs since he was six years old that have been marked by our life in search of poetic dwelling. Watch on YouTube. Visit Julian's website.

Art, poetry, & more. Our In the Wind Projects Channel features videos about Brian's visual art, poetry readings, and other content about our creative work. Coming soon on YouTube.

Re-imagining devotional poetry for the 21st century. Kristin Prugh's After Colonna is a spiritual journey built on the architecture of a book by one of the most celebrated poets of the Italian Renaissance, a woman named Vittoria Colonna. Re-imagined in a fresh, contemporary form, these sonnets are perfect for a daily devotional or a deep dive into a more mindful relationship with God. Re-issue Coming Soon!

Poetry is a finding through a falling away. In a culture obsessed with nostalgia, memories, and the illusion of unhindered progress, Notebook of Forgetting pursues a line of inquiry into the deepest recesses of the real by asking what can be found when we let what we think we know fall away. Re-issue Coming Soon!

Open center in a cloak of dry leaves. A squirrel's nest becomes a metaphor for language and a different kind of discourse in Leaf-Scraps, a small collection of poems with big philosophical ambitions. The new edition includes Diary of a Thinking Mother, a commentary written alongside the poems giving insight into the world of ideas out of which they grew. Re-issue Coming Soon!

BOOKS We'll be re-issuing all of Kristin Prugh's books of poetry, which were originally published under the pen name Anna Key, with new covers and updated interiors. Sign up for our newsletter for re-issue dates & other news!

A poetry of praying. What happens when we pray is shrouded in silence. Mystics are often tight-lipped about what they've seen, and who can blame them, for what words could suffice? Ave Maria seeks out a poetry that would crack open this silent space and provide an aperture into the secret life of prayer that dwells within every word that we reverently speak. Re-issue Coming Soon!

Read published poems and find out more on Kristin's website.


An art for poetic dwelling. Brian Prugh has been a working artist for more than twenty years and has moved from the heavy painted canvas to the lightness of nylon tulle, a medium that has allowed him to carry his work with us and remove weight from the world to reveal the lightness within.

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We’re a family of six living, working, traveling, creating and thinking together, joining in the search for more poetic ways to dwell on the earth. We have lived in one farmhouse, two city apartments, two suburban houses, two sailboats, two minivans, two units of graduate student housing and in more tents and hotel rooms than we could count searching after an answer to this question: What sort of life shall we live so as to feel poetry?

This search has taken us from a small sailboat in Florida to the wilderness of Alaska and to many places between, and through all of these various life experiments, successes and failures, one thing has remained constant: people ask us questions. They want to hear a story about, or expect an account of, how or why we live the way we do and the reason we don’t live in the usual ways, if you know what I mean, Pooh…

In the Wind Projects was founded on our small sailboat Blowin’ in the Wind—our first real project in poetic dwelling—as a way to share our thinking, our creative work, and our way of life with fellow seekers and to try to provide deeper answers to the many questions we have been asked along the way.


“Poetry is what really lets us dwell.” —Martin Heidegger

“Poetry is what really lets us dwell.”

—Martin Heidegger